Silver Jewelry Guide

How to Care for Silver Jewelry


Silver jewelry has been quite desirable for centuries. Its beautiful shine even surpasses that of rhodium or platinum. Its highly reflective property makes it quite an interesting piece of jewelry.


Designers all over the world lovingly craft silver to offer us various options to choose from. And the best part is, silver jewelry pieces are quite affordable. They are more affordable than other precious metal jewelry that we can easily find them in neighborhood retailers and even on the internet.


If you own silver pieces of jewelry at this website, it helps that you know how to take care of them. Start with wearing them often. Surprisingly, wearing your silvery pieces helps to keep them clean. This might sound strange but the fact is, the more you keep silver pieces in storage, the more you will have to clean them. This is because the natural oils that our skin produces are transferred to our silver pieces. This helps them keep shining longer.


There are cases when we wear silver pieces regularly, they can develop "patina". This refers to the darker areas that develop on the surface of the silver pieces. Most people consider patina a good feature because it adds more character to the silver piece.


It also helps that you only use specially-formulated polish when cleaning your silver pieces if you do not like the look of patina on it. This also helps a lot if you prefer your silver pieces shining bright and new all the time. Specially-formulated polish does not contain abrasives and therefore does not cause scratches on your jewelry. It also helps that you follow the directions of the manufacturer on how to properly use these specially-formulated polishes. Read to know more about silver jewelry.


Use polishing cloth in cleaning your jewelry. Polishing cloths are treated with special compounds that keep them from scratching your jewelry. The special compounds also help in keeping tarnishing at bay.


You can also use phosphate-free mild soaps in cleaning your silver pieces. You just need to gently wash them in warm water. You can also line a glass dish with a soft cloth (preferably cotton) before you submerge your jewelry in its phosphate-free mild soap solution. Make sure you dry your jewelry thoroughly before you put them in storage, check it out!


Store your silver pieces in a dry place away from sunlight. You can put them inside storage bags. You can also place them in a separate compartment inside your jewelry box. This will keep them from getting in contact with your other pieces and can therefore keep silver surfaces from being scratched. A good item to store your silver pieces in is a sealable plastic, especially those zip-lock bags.